Changing my viewing habits

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July 6, 2017 by Hope W.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in The Aviator

Around the time that I decided I should start getting shit done and updating my blog regularly, I discovered this book lover’s blog called Modern Mrs Darcy, where she blogs about her reading life and other sundry matters. She also hosts a podcast called “What Should I Read Next”, in which she has on a guest for every show, asks them to tell her about three books they love and one book they hate, and then does some literary matchmaking and recommends them three books to try next.

Listening to her and her guests talk enthusiastically about books has spurred me to reignite my reading life again. I have been devoting my time solely to a very specific genre *cough* fanfics *cough*, and while they’re great and I’m still obsessed with them, I feel I should try reading “proper” books. I have almost completely stopped for the past few years, because I have 1000+ great fanfics I downloaded to read and even though I read all the time, I’ve realised I will never be able to finish reading them, much less start on other things. So might as well just start on other things bit by bit while still doing what I do.

My viewing life has been stagnant of late as well. In recent years, my time has been taken up with so much reading, that besides the most current blockbusters or buzzy dramas (that I’m interested in), and the films I watch for work, I don’t watch anything else. And for a “regular moviegoer”, I can do better. It’s not even that I don’t have the desire to watch other things. I used to watch more shows, before I rediscovered the joys of great fanfiction, and I have a “To Watch” list that has many films and dramas languishing there for literally *years*. I mean to watch them someday, but, well, I’ve been too busy reading.

I have recently made a resolution to read at least one new book every week. In the same vein, I shall make a resolution to watch at least one new show every month, on top of the new releases that I already want to watch and the films I’m watching for work. It can be an old movie, or it can be one of those movies that I am iffy about watching in cinemas though they look interesting (which I usually end up not watching). I have made a lot of new resolutions lately, so I’m not sure that I should add on more to my plate — making realistic goals is the key to making sure you keep your resolutions after all — but I feel I should expand my horizons. And one new movie a month, which is only two hours out of several hundred hours: surely that’s doable?

I’ll start with the Hamilton musical documentary I’ve been meaning to watch since last year.


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