Hyped up beyond belief for ‘Thor: The Dark World’


October 23, 2013 by Hope W.


“THE THOR AND LOKI SHOW” (Empire Magazine)

The first reviews for Thor: The Dark World are out, and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for it to just come out already. Am trying not to spoil it too much for myself, so I’m refusing to watch all the interviews that the cast are doing now for the press tour. Besides, it isn’t fun watching them talk about things that I haven’t seen yet. Also, you can predict most of the answers that the cast will give anyway, since they can only talk about the movie in the most generic of terms so as not to spoil it for viewers. And the really juicy bits on what went on during filming are hard to come by, because the actors will keep most of those memories for themselves — which is their every right; I would do the same too — and only dish out one or two prepared anecdotes to keep fans happy. And no one (with a modicum of self-preservation that is, which happens to be all the actors I care about) is going to tell you that they hated working with each other, with plenty of details to spare. And above all, watching them do these interviews and talk about their experiences reminds me that I wasn’t there. And I very much wish that I were.

I’ve always been insanely jealous when other people get to watch my most anticipated movies first, because they got to experience something that I feel I must have wanted far longer than they did. (And this is THE movie I have been waiting for these past six months. You will not find me having the same reaction to, say, Catching Fire, though that’s on my must-watch list too.) It’s an irrational habit I picked up from when I delved into my first “fandom” (LOTR) back in 2002. My heart was gripped with soul-crushing despair when I realised I couldn’t possibly watch Return of the King at the Wellington world premiere on 1 December 2003, and had to wait 16 days till it officially opened on 17 December. (And yes, I still remember. That was how important it was to me.) And since Marvel likes to stagger their releases and American audiences are getting it only a week after us, I can only commiserate with the fans over there.

This is another of my myriad reasons why I want to be in the film industry and make blockbusters: so I get to go to the premieres and be among the first to watch them. (As well as be behind-the-scenes, watching them get made. One day!)

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston having fun at the World Premiere of Thor: Dark World, at the Odeon Leicester Square in London -- yet another world premiere that I wasn't at. Curses! (Copyright: Ian West/PA Wire)

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston play fighting at the world premiere of Thor: The Dark World at the Odeon Leicester Square in London — yet another world premiere that I wasn’t at. Curses! (Copyright: Ian West/PA Wire)

I suppose the next best thing is to be a film journalist, since film distributors, in this case Disney, pay your way to wherever they are having the press conference, especially if it’s a highly anticipated blockbuster, and you get to watch an advance screening for review purposes. Media fam trips are great, but really, I would rather be making the films and sitting on the other side of the panel talking excitedly about them instead. (Assuming I did have tons of fun making them. Which I intend to. If I ever make one.)

And none of the journalists, whose interviews I have watched or read, asked Tom Hiddleston the question I really wanted to know anyway, when they were doing the press tour for The Avengers, which is: Did Loki ever really love his brother in the first movie (when he was still sane-ish, way before his power-crazy antics in The Avengers), and if so, why did he backhand him to death, not knowing he would resurrect into his godly self? This question stems from a deleted scene in Thor, before Thor’s coronation, when Loki says “Sometimes I may be envious, but never doubt that I love you.” It was a very sweet scene, one that I was sorry was unable to make the cut for pacing reasons, but you will pardon me if I doubt him since only an hour later into the movie, he was trying to kill him.

But I suppose this will be one of the mysteries of the universe that will remain unsolved as long as no one bothers asking Tom Hiddleston that question.

But back to the topic at hand: If I can’t make the movie and watch it at the premiere, or be a film journalist and view it at an advance press screening, the only thing left to do is watch it on opening day, so I can avoid gleeful reactions from people around me who have watched it first, since it’s, after all, going to be the hottest show in town and people will be buzzing about it.

Unfortunately, none of my friends share my sentiments. I mean, fans like me is why Comic-Con’s Hall H is always full, midnight screenings for highly-anticipated blockbusters sell out quickly when movie theatres in the US release tickets in advance, and people queue up days ahead to be first in line to watch the movie. But my friends think I’m just being ridiculous. Urgh.


2 thoughts on “Hyped up beyond belief for ‘Thor: The Dark World’

  1. movieandtvbuff says:

    The world is full of spoilers huh?

    • Jialing says:

      Yes, though my problem is not so much with the revealing of details themselves, but the feeling that watching the cast talk about it will spoil my experience of the movie, because I don’t *yet* know what they are talking about. And I have to wait to watch it. I hate waiting for things (if you can’t already tell from above).

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