More buzz for ‘12 Years a Slave’ at TIFF; Tom Hiddleston replaces Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Crimson Peak’

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September 7, 2013 by Hope W.

Michael Fassbender at TIFF 2013 for 12 Years a Slave; Tom Hiddleston for Only Lovers Left Alive

Michael Fassbender at TIFF 2013 for 12 Years a Slave; Tom Hiddleston for Only Lovers Left Alive

Am incandescently happy browsing IMDb, because film news sites today are buzzing with news about my two favourite actors and the projects they are in. Everyone at the Toronto International Film Festival loves 12 Years a Slave, while Tom Hiddleston just replaced Benedict Cumberbatch in Guillermo del Toro’s horror movie Crimson Peak.

The more buzz builds up for 12 Years a Slave, the more excited I get for it, though it is that sort of gut-wrenching, emotionally shambling movie that I will watch once, and never bear to watch again. I just love it when a project that sounds great on paper actually lives up to its potential, and this one sounds like it deserves every bit of the hype that it gets.

Unfortunately, it will probably arrive in Singapore only in January or February, if they bring it in at all, so I’ll have to wait until then. Our local film distributors are great at bringing us blockbusters at the same time as they open in the US, and even sometimes a week before, but not so much for arthouse and indie flicks.

In relation to the second bit of news, I usually steer *far far away* from horror movies of all sorts — I have never watched a horror movie, to be honest — but I might actually persuade myself to watch Crimson Peak because of Tom. While Benedict Cumberbatch and Guillermo del Toro are great, at this point, only the prospect of seeing Tom will induce me to touch anything horror-related with a 10-foot pole. (I just have so much love for that man, as an actor and a wonderful human being in general, and I cannot wait for Only Lovers Left Alive, a movie about an ageless Adam and Eve pair of vampires with refined cultural tastes, to be in theatres too — if it ever comes to Singapore. Apparently, Michael Fassbender was originally in talks to be in that movie but pulled out, and Tom replaced him instead.) It also helps very slightly that Jessica Chastain is in it, as I think she’s amazing as well.


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