Sawyer is back!

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March 12, 2013 by Hope W.


Josh Holloway is coming back on TV! Whoopadeedoo! 😀

(Yes, the news is actually about Meghan Ory — who is great in “Once Upon a Time” — but I can’t help being more excited about Josh Holloway. How I’ve missed Sawyer since “Lost” ended! His role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was too brief for my liking.)

He’ll be playing a “unique U.S. Cyber Command agent, someone with a microchip that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum” (whatever that means) in Intelligence, an upcoming TV series that should be picked up for fall if all goes well and the television gods are kind. And is to be protected by Meghan Ory’s lead character, a former Secret Service agent.

Hmm. That sounds interesting. Since I can’t imagine Sawyer needing protection, even from someone as badass as Red, is his character going to be all dorky or something? Whatever it is, I will be very glad to see him again.


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