The Oscars (two weeks after)

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March 9, 2013 by Hope W.

Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars

I have finally finished watching the Oscars from two weeks ago (I went on a 10-day vacation the day it broadcasted, or else I would have watched it there and then.) After seeing the ceremony in its whole, I have to say that Seth MacFarlane wasn’t as bad as the critics made it out to be. His jokes were funny for the most part (except the “losers’ song” at the end — that really wasn’t funny at all); and even though the “boob song” was rather offensive, at least the actresses (some of them anyway) were complicit in its deliverance. The musical tribute was pretty nice, but the performance of “One Day More” by the cast of Les Miserables would have been even better if they hadn’t truncated the song. I hate it when people mess around with my favourite songs as they should have been sung.

Life of Pi won many more awards than I thought it would, but Ang Lee winning over Steven Spielberg was a real shocker. Not that Ang Lee wasn’t a great director, but Steven Spielberg would have been the more conventional choice, since he made a biopic — and one about America’s favourite president at that — and the Academy loves grand biopics. (Though to be honest, Lincoln was a tad draggy; but it was still a compelling story, and Daniel Day-Lewis is just gold. Loved his surprisingly humorous acceptance speech too.) But in a year where the obvious choice, chosen by all other award shows, was snubbed, I guess anything goes. (Though if that were the case, I wish Michael Hanake had won, since I doubt the Academy will ever honour him again. He is what they consider a “foreign filmmaker”, and those hardly get recognition even if their films are great.)


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